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Supply Chain Advisory

We take all of your supply chain opportunities and create a sustainable and long term strategic approach and strengthen customer engagement.

We help organizations achieve higher and faster returns by deploying best-in-class thinking across the capital projects portfolio and project delivery value chain.

What We Offer?

Inventory and Warehouse Management

BJ CAAS Advisors has identified a number of innovative practices for making more efficient use of warehouse space. Let us aid you in how to reduce inventory and make your warehouse more efficient.

Global Sourcing

BJ CAAS Advisors will aid your organization in reducing costs, spurring efficiency in non-competitive local markets, accessing technologies not available domestically, or reducing dependency on a limited domestic supplier base. We will assess your risks associated with your current program and help optimize your current state from a global sourcing perspective.

Supply Chain & Logistics Health Check

Understanding how critical Supply Chain and Logistics are, BJ CAAS Advisors take a wholistic approach to managing and understanding your Supply Chain and Logistics. BJ CAAS Advisors will evaluate and aid your organization in evaluating Variable demand of product (shorter lifecycles) , Variable manufacturing yield, Unreliable sourcing of raw materials, Inconsistent transit lead times, how healthy your supply base is and much more.

Our Approach

BJ CAAS Advisors improve business operations to drive performance. We work with our clients to identify clear measures of success. We specialize in Digital Operations Management,  Operational Excellence, Lean concepts and Industrialization. We design innovative business solutions that will take you forward. To find out more, get in touch now.

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